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     Ultimate Obstacles is New England's largest indoor training facility dedicated entirely to Ninja Warrior and obstacle race training. Our 12,000 square foot space features two separate obstacle course areas, one for adults and one for kids, and an area dedicated for training. 

     Our courses include many of the obstacles seen on the popular T.V. show "American Ninja Warrior"! Train for the show with the guidance of our experienced obstacle race competitor staff, compete in our competitions, or just have fun getting in the best shape of your life! We also have many of the obstacles you see at mud runs such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder to prepare you to conquer those courses.​

     Our membership based programs give you many choices. We have monthly rates for anytime obstacle practice, fitness classes or all inclusive memberships. The all inclusive memberships includes the anytime practice on the obstacles and classes as well. We have a program that is right for you!​


Monday-Friday: 330pm-9pm
Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm

 Ultimate Obstacles​   Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Race Training Facility

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121 Shrine Ave, West Boylston, MA, USA
Telephone:         774-261-8607
E-mail: caraline@ultimateobstacles.com

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​If our main parking lot is full - we have satellite parking! Please DO NOT PARK ON SHRINE AVE OR ANY SIDE ROADS - YOU WILL BE TICKETED OR TOWED!

​Park in the Checkerboard parking lot - the driveway is next to Shrine Ave off of Rt. 12. The walkway to our door is in the back left corner of the parking lot.