Adult Fitness

Adult fitness classes are available for all levels: beginner to advanced. All classes are available on a drop in or membership basis - come as often as you like! Check out the schedule for all details and start your journey today.

Class Descriptions


SGX Foundations:
SGX Foundations is a perfect spot for beginners since it takes the core of our Spartan SGX program and keeps the the movements basic. These classes still offer an all-over strength and conditioning workout while keeping it to a manageable 30 minutes. Take this class to better prepare you for any of our longer intermediate to advanced classes.

Women's Workout:
Coach Mary leads this all women workout class meant for all fitness abilities. Whether you've been exercising for 10 years or 10 minutes, all the exercises can be made easier or harder to fit where you're at in your fitness journey. Join Coach Mary and the other women in a fun environment supporting each other along the way.

Ultimate Circuit:
Ultimate Circuit is full body workout in a go at your own speed style, so you get choose how intense you want your workout to be. Multiple stations are setup with ample time of break in between to help build stamina and strength. Very beginner friendly since you can choose your own pace.


Mojility is when you take the benefits of mobility movements and blend in faster agility exercises all into one class. You don't have to be an athlete to join in, but you'll feel like one using the agility ladder and sandbags during the class. Come burn some calories and see why this is one of the sweatiest classes we have.​​

NinjaFit workouts train your body so that you are stronger to complete the obstacles out in the gym. Classes focus on grip strength, core strength, and upper body stabilization to help you become stronger and a better Ninja. The workouts are always different because obstacles are always changing and your body needs to be prepared for anything. 
Spartan SGX:
SGX workouts are varied and build balanced, multi-faceted athletes to help you excel in all-over strength, athleticism and endurance. Classes have a mixture of foundational body-weight movements and over time progress to include more complex movements. SGX classes can benefit everyone, even if you are not training for an OCR (obstacle course race).

Specialty Programs

6 Weeks to Sparta:
Are you training for an upcoming outdoor OCR race like a Spartan Race, FIT Challenge, or Tough Mudder? We can help you succeed! Take our 6-week prep course to learn skills like rope climbs, wall climbs, spear throw, monkey bars, and more. In the 1.5 hour class, you will complete a half hour workout to build strength and stamina, and an hour of obstacle specific training with our qualified instructors. Specific dates will be announced on the Class Schedule page, each leading up to a local race.