"Had my son's birthday party here - absolutely awesome. All the kids had a blast. The staff was so friendly and helpful too. The birthday boy rated it "The best birthday EVER." I would highly recommend it!"    -    Michele

Call 774-261-8607 or fill out the request form to book your party!

Please check the covid updates page for current program offerings. Birthday parties are temporarily suspended.

Birthday Parties

  • For children turning ages 7 and up. 
  • Includes 10-20 participating guests - birthday child not included in count.
  • If there are two birthday children, one will count as a guest.
  • Party host will guide the group through side by side races and other obstacle courses for half an hour. Guests then have 1 hour total of open gym time to play on size appropriate obstacles as they like. 
  • Use of our dedicated party room for cake, pizza, gift opening, etc for half an hour.
  • Please provide your own decorations and any food you like!
  • We provide all tableware: plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and tablecloths. Party assistant will set up the room and assist in any way you need during the party. All you worry about is bringing the food and having fun!
  • Each participant must fill out a waiver before taking part in the activities. Waiver link provided to party parent.
  • Times available weekends and some weekdays.

Regular Party: 20 guests
  • $375
  • $10 for each additional guest up to 25 total participants. For parties larger than 25 - please contact the front office for special accommodations.
Small Party: 10 guests
  • $275
  • $10 for each additional guest up to 14 total participants. For parties 15 or larger - party will automatically be upgraded to the regular party size/price. 

Time Frame: 2 hours 
   1.   30 minutes   -   Basic obstacle skills instruction & Ultimate Warrior side by side races
   2.   30 minutes   -   Open obstacle course play
   3.   30 minutes   -   Cake, food, presents, etc. in our private party room
   4.   30 minutes   -   Open obstacle course play

  • Each party guest will receive a mystery prize card with 1 of 5 different prizes: free open gym pass, 15 Ninja Stars, mini Gatorade, Clif ZBar, or UO merchandise and toys!
  • Guests must wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. No socks, flip flops, or boots allowed on the obstacle floor.
  • Children ages 5-6 allowed as guests of the party. No children under the age of 5 allowed on the obstacle floor.
  • Full payment is REQUIRED to officially book your birthday party time slot. You can always reschedule if needed, even in the week before the party!
  • The party room time begins an hour into the party, and they go back out into the gym for the last half hour after eating. This gives them a break to get some energy back and allows us to clean up and get the room ready for the next party after yours. Thank you for your understanding!

"Thank you to everyone at Ultimate Obstacles, especially Eric! My daughter’s birthday party today was the best she has ever had. Great friendly staff, super clean place and great fun!"    -    Sharon