Ultimate Obstacles​   Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Race Training Facility

Recreational Ninja League

May 18th and 19th, 2019



Youth Divisions

See Schedule Below!​


Adults 18+ and Masters 40+

Check-In starts at 9am!

Kids Division to Young Adults 

This competition will be great for those young ninjas ready to challenge themselves. They will be cheered on and encouraged along the way as they take on the course. The Top 3 Male and Female finishers in each division will earn a spot to the NNL Finals this year! The points gained at this competition for 1st through 3rd place will be grouped with other event points earned, regardless of what region the competition is in. 

Ages: Reminder age is as of 2/15/2020
Cost: $40

Spectators: Free

Wave Times on Saturday:

  • Kids Ages 6-8
    • ​3pm-5:30pm, Check-in starts at 3pm and Comp starts at 3:30pm
  • Mature Kids Ages 9-10
    • ​​6pm-8:30pm, Check-in starts at 6pm and Comp starts at 6:30pm
  • Pre Teens Ages 11-12
    • ​​3pm-5:30pm, Check-in starts at 3pm and Comp starts at 3:30pm
  • Teens Ages 13-14 (age groups have changed this season!)
    • ​6pm-8:30pm, Check-in starts at 6pm and Comp starts at 6:30pm
  • Young Adults 15-17 (age groups have changed this season!)
    • 6pm-8:30pm, Check-in starts at 6pm and Comp starts at 6:30pm

​Rules will be the first thing at the Comp start time. Warm-up time will be provided during the half hour of check-in.

Use the links below to register. Registration Closes Thursday, May 16th!

Time for our 2nd Recreational NInja League competition!

We have teamed up again with the National Ninja League (NNL) to offer a more entry level ninja competition. The rules are more forgiving for both young and adult athletes that want to try the sport and get more comfortable with competitions. The course will be made up of 10 obstacles, nine that are considered at beginner/intermediate level and only one being advanced. Even if you fail an obstacle you can still move on in the allotted time and complete more obstacles for more points. Your points will be tracked through the RNL Season and those with the highest points will be crowned Obstacle King or Queen and be awarded a spot the the NNL Finals next February (as long as you didn't qualify this year). That being said, veterans of the sport are invited to join us well for practice and plain out fun on a ninja course. 

From National Ninja League:

The Rec Ninja League (RNL) events are designed to prepare the Beginner Ninjas for Advanced competition. Athletes will face beginner obstacles designed to build the strength and coordination needed for high level competitions. 

Format and Rules: Please visit www.nationalninja.com for the most up to date rules.

Adults and Masters Division

The Adults and Masters will be running on Saturday on the same course. After doing surveys last year for feedback we heard that a majority of the Masters preferred to be on the same course but just judged against their peers. We will simply mix in the Masters group and the Adults groups and have them run mixed. During the competition you will earn 1 point for every obstacle completed and a bonus 5 points if you complete at 10 obstacles. Rack up those points and you may be able to ear a spot to next years NNL Finals!

Ages: Adults 18+ and Masters 40+
Cost: $50
Spectators: Free

Check in and warm-up time will be the first 30 minutes from 9-9:30am and the rules and course walk-through will be at 9:30am.

If time allows, redemption time will follow​ immediately after the last run.

Use the links below to register. Registration Closes Thursday, May 16th!