Ultimate Obstacles​   Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Race Training Facility

Welcome to our 3rd Team Competition, Ninja vs Ninja!

Check out the videos on this page to show you how exciting the side by side matches have been. We will be doing the same format of 3 Person Teams. Every person will be doing a minimal of 2 full courses, with the winning teams moving on to do a 3rd or 4th run to make it into Finals. Also, we are keeping the Open Division again to encourage more new people!

Only 4 Open Team and 12 Competitive Team Spots!

We have added an Open Division for those new to the sport or just want to do Ninja on the purely fun level. There will still be prizes for the Open division wining Team and we will be awarding cash Prizes for the Competitive Division. If you have any members on the Team that have placed Top 10 in one of our Comps or have been on ANW we are asking you do the Competitive Division. Any teams that have 2 persons that meet the above criteria will not be allowed to compete in Open. 


Competitive: $300 Cash Prize ($100 each) and Ninja Goodie Bag for the Competitive Team. If we fill all 12 spots winning team will get $450!

Open: $240 Ultimate Obstacle Gym Credit ($80 each) to be used towards membership/punch card


Teams are made up of 3 People. They can be same gender or mixed.

Stage 1: Each person on the team go head to head with another randomly selected team running side by side on an identical course. There will be between six and eight obstacles on the course. The one that completes the course first wins the point. If you fail an obstacle and the other team completes that obstacle then they win at that point. The first two runners are worth 1 point and the third runner is worth 2 points. One team will also be given a 1/2 Point for the fastest time out of all three matches. This will give us a winner at the end to avoid ties. 

Stage 2: All Teams will be doing Stage 2, so everyone will have at least two runs on a course. Stage 2 will be the same format as Stage 1 but on the other side of the gym so a different course. You will be facing a different team according to how you did in Stage 1. We will have the winners vs winners and losers vs losers from Stage 1 compete against each other.

Stage 3: The top 4 teams, according to combined points after the first 2 Stages, from each division is moving on. That means half the teams are moving on for the Competitive and half from the Open Division. We will do a single run tiebreaker if needed to get the 4 teams. Your pick on your runner. We will pick the course. Stage will be relay style and combine the first two courses with a middle course added in between. Instead of being out for a failed obstacle, there will be a penalty instead. Penalty for a failed obstacle is 5 burpees and then move on to the next obstacle. The teams will be randomly placed to against each other.

Stage 4: The two winning teams from each division will go to the fourth and final Stage. The course and format will be the same as Stage 3, just this time it's for the prizes and all the glory! We will have the Open Division race first with the Competitive division being the last race of the night!

​Click on the link above to register, limited Teams per division!

Ninja vs ninja

​3 Person Team        Ages 14+

Saturday June 30th, 2018​​

Competitive Team: $150

Open Team: $120
​Spectators: FREE