Saturday, May 21st

​4pm - Teens 13-14

4pm - Young Adults 15-17

6pm - Adults 18+

6pm - Masters 40+

Sunday, May 22nd

9am - Kids 6-8 Wave #1

10:30am - Kids 6-8 Wave #2
12:30pm - Mature Kids 9-10 Wave #1
2pm - Mature Kids 9-10 Wave #2
3:30pm - Pre Teens 11-12

recreational ninja league

Registration is Closed! Call 774-261-8607 and we may be able to add you in.

Rec.Ninja League (RNL) is a part of the National Ninja League. Courses for the RNL are designed for a beginner's skill level, and have rules that make it easy to try out competing. Ultimate Obstacles is excited to partner up again as a qualifying competition for the RNL. Links to register for our next event are below. 

​Age Group is determined by your age on February 21, 2022. To sign up for an RNL Competition you must sign the Season VII NNL waiver and obtain an athlete ID at (you do not have to repeat this if you've done it for an NNL Competition already). See league rules at

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