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Birthday Parties

  • For children turning ages 7 and up. 
  • Includes 10-20 participating guests - birthday child not included in count.
  • If two birthday children, one will count as a guest.
  • Party host will guide the group through side by side races and obstacle courses for half an hour. Guests then have 1 hour total of open gym time to play on size appropriate obstacles as they like. 
  • Use of our dedicated party room for cake, pizza, gift opening, etc for half an hour.
  • Please provide your own decorations and any food you like!
  • We provide all tableware: plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and tablecloths. Party assistant will set up the room and assist in any way you need during the party. All you worry about is bringing the food and having fun!
  • Each participant must fill out a waiver before taking part in the activities. Waiver link provided to party parent.
  • Times available weekends and some weekdays.

Regular Party: 20 guests
  • $375
  • $10 for each additional guest up to 25 total participants. For parties larger than 25 - please contact the front office for special accommodations.
Small Party: 10 guests
  • $275
  • $10 for each additional guest up to 14 total participants. For parties 15 or larger - party will automatically be upped to the regular party size/price. 

Time Frame: 2 hours 
   1.   30 minutes   -   Basic obstacle skills instruction & Ultimate Warrior side by side races
   2.   30 minutes   -   Open obstacle course play
   3.   30 minutes   -   Cake, food, presents, etc. in our private party room
   4.   30 minutes   -   Open obstacle course play

  • Each party guest will receive a mystery prize card with 1 of 5 different prizes: free open gym pass, 15 Ninja Stars, mini Gatorade, Clif ZBar, or UO merchandise and toys!
  • Guests must wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. No socks, flip flops, or boots allowed on the obstacle floor.
  • Children ages 5-6 allowed as guests of the party. No children under the age of 5 allowed on the obstacle floor.
  • Full payment is REQUIRED to officially book your birthday party time slot. You can always reschedule if needed, even in the week before the party!
  • The party room time begins an hour into the party, and they go back out into the gym for the last half hour after eating. This gives them a break to get some energy back and allows us to clean up and get the room ready for the next party after yours. Thank you for your understanding!