Next Event: Sunday June 9th

​Registration: $35

​Spectators: FREE

6-8 Year Olds at 8:30am

9-10 Year Olds at 10:00am

11-12 Year Olds at 11:30am

13-14 & 15-17 Year Olds at 1:00pm

NInja Jam style competition!

Our next Youth Ninja Competition will be jam style format. What that means is that they'll be shown the ~8 obstacles in their area to complete within a certain time frame. They get to pick in which order they run it in, so a little strategy involved. They also get to retry any obstacles if any time is left over after trying ALL of the other obstacles first. They will be competing on two separate course so the winner will be decided first by the most completed combined obstacles and then the fastest combined time of the two course. As always, we want to get the kids to have as much time on the course as possible!

Prizes for the Top 3 Finishers in the Competitive groups and Certificates for the beginner groups.

Join us for what will be a great time for the kids!!

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