Ultimate Obstacles​   Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Race Training Center

Youth Ninja Competitions

Next Event: Saturday, October 27th

​Athletes: $35 pre-register,

$40 day of Competition

​Spectators: FREE

Competitive 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12 Division,

More details below!

Ninja Competitions at ultimate obstacles

What's more fun than dressing up for your next Ninja Competition? Our October themed competition will let the ninjas come in dressed up as anything they like, from their favorite characters to their idols from American Ninja Warrior like Jessie Graff. Dressing up will not be required but only adds to the fun!

Our Ninja Competitions are a fun way to challenge the young Ninjas that enjoy watching the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. They'll even get to compete on obstacles just like in the show but made for their size. They get very excited about competing on a course just like the adults do!

Competition Format:

Each young Ninja completes two preliminary courses that are between 6-8 obstacles each. So regardless of their level and performance that day they will have a chance to run two full courses. We track the number of obstacle fails and also time the run recorded for those two runs and then calculate the top 50% to move on to the Finals course. Top 3 Finishers in the Finals course wins a prize.

*New Competitive Heat for the 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12 Year Olds. We want new ninjas to have fun at the competitions and grow in to the sport. If you are newer to the sport then register for the Beginner Wave. If you want more competition, if you are on our Ninja Team, or if you belong to another Ninja Team at another gym then you should be registered in the Competitive Wave. The Prizes will also slightly differ between the two Waves.

​Please pre-register ahead of time. We will accept participants the day of the competition if there is still space. We cannot guarantee your spot unless you sign up before hand.