Summer 2020 Session Schedule

Session #1: June 8th - July 3rd
Session #2: July 6th - July 31st
Session #3: August 3rd - August 28th

2020/2021 Session Schedule


Does your kid want to be the next Ninja Warrior? Do they like to race with you at the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder? Our youth classes will help them build the skills to climb, jump, and swing right through any obstacle. They'll also build the confidence they need to try more challenging obstacles and get stronger in the process. 

Classes run in 8 week sessions. Choose 1 class per week with open gym for 1 hour before or after the class, with options to add a second class and/or unlimited open gym for the session. Each week's class will have a challenge to test the skill they are working on that week, and in the last class of the session they will attempt an obstacle course using all the skills they learned this session to earn Ninja Stars!

The main Obstacle Warrior skills:
  • Balance, Traversing, Swinging, Climbing, Jumping, Footwork, Grip, Rolling, and Vaulting

Each week will focus on one of these skills and will teach them techniques on how to properly conquer the obstacles.  Classes are made for kids at any skill level. Our coaches will work with their specific needs to help them progress in a safe and fun atmosphere!

Level Breakdown:
Level 1: Perfect for beginner ninjas and those that need a little more work on the basics. Classes are 30 minutes long, with 1 hour of open play before or after.
Level 2:  A faster paced class for ninjas progressing through the skills required, a good work ethic and desire to learn is important for Level 2! Classes are 45 minutes long, with 1 hour of open play around the class. Coaches invite only.
Level 3: For ninjas who want a longer class with more focus on running obstacle courses, without the pressures of being on the Ninja Team! Class is 1 hour long, with 1 hour of open play around the class. Coaches invite only.

If you are not sure where your child should be placed, bring them to open gym and our coaches can evaluate them! They will work with one of our coaches to assess their skill level and determine if they are ready for a Level 2 or even Level 3 class. Please call the front desk to schedule.​​​​​​

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